I Get It Now.

I get it. I finally get it. We're all fighting for freedom in it's many forms. Freedom to associate, freedom to love who we want, freedom to reach our highest potential. This won't happen without the most important prerequisite: #EXPOSURE. How could we ever find out what our divine path is if we're not aware of all the options?

I see a lot of parents and potential parents up in arms about the increasing amount of LBGTQ representation in media, music and the like, but guess what my G? You don't choose who your child loves or what they're into. If anything, the trepidation around your child being #exposed to these other walks of life is generally just you projecting your insecurities about not being a good dad/mom or the primary role model in your child's life, onto them. Kinda traumatizing. Might even push them further AWAY from what you're trying to make them do. You would only be concerned with that if you felt as if media, music and the like were raising your child just as much if not MORE than you are.

If your child feels love, knows love, and is allowed to find themselves without feeling persecuted for what they wanna do, I guarantee you they're gonna be a step ahead in spiritual development, which truly is the key to all of the world's ills. We've learned a lot of amazing shit from those before us, but we're also peeling off faults, assumptions & preconceived notions born out of the ignorance of generations who didn't have the access to information that we have.

You wanna show the world that your way is the way? You ever known a champion to celebrate when the opponent's star player is hurt? Hell no. May the best idea win, forever.