Released 06.06.18
Produced by Doc Da Mindbenda
Mixed and recorded by Sulaiman, Doc Da Mindbenda

How rare is it to find someone who’s been perfectly primed by experience to take advantage of opportunity? Meet Sulaiman, Chicago’s latest dose of musical magic. His previous collaborations with producer Doc Da Mindbenda have yielded fantastic results (see Hook, Line & Thinker + 6pc Fried Hard) and in 2018 the tandem returns with Intention & Obstacle to raise the bar to new heights.



Released 02.09.18
Produced by Sulaiman for Specialuxe
Mixed and recorded by Sulaiman for Specialuxe

The World According To Sulaiman was birthed during a rigorous month of lyrical exercise and habitual exploration of production styles. Through tempos and mediums, genres and covers, Sulaiman navigates, then narrates the world as he sees it, unadulterated, unassisted, and without a fault to be found. These 23 tracks are slight creative works intended to be precursors for the projects ahead.


6pc fried hard ep

Released 08.01.17
Produced by Doc Da Mindbenda for The Grindhouse
Mixed and recorded by Sulaiman, Doc Da Mindbenda

6pc Fried Hard is a concept you'll get if you've ever tasted Chicago's Harold's Chicken Shack and that famous mild sauce. Told through a tale of homecoming, Sulaiman explores the topics of evolution, balance, and loyalty as told through the prism of a traveling, maturing young black man from Chicago's South Side. Sulaiman serves as a tour guide for life in Chicago's inner city for anyone interested in the social climate on the ground.



Released 05.01.14
Produced by Doc Da Mindbenda for The Grindhouse
Mixed and recorded by Doc Da Mindbenda

Sulaiman and producer Doc Da Mindbenda dropped a secret EP on his birthday entitled Hook Line and Thinker to set the world's table for the palette he intends to serve. Coming in at a Jordanesque 20/3 minutes, The EP boasts great features from Keenan Coke, Savemoney representative Dally Auston, and fellow Treated Crew rhymer Gzus Piece. And yes, that is the pineal gland aka the 3rd eye on the cover of the project.


d'ecent ep

Released 02.22.10
Produced by Chris P, all samples by D'Angelo, Mixed by Sulaiman

D'ecent is a project based on D'Angelo samples, reconstituted into beats by Chris P, then given lyrical life by Sulaiman. He touches on the topic of male/female attraction and all of the idiosyncrasies in between. The entire project, from beat selection, to writing, recording, artwork and upload, were completed in under 6 hours. Lyrical exercise at it's finest!


local nobodies - one (w/ mathien)

Released 12.06.11
Produced by Mathien, Mixed by Mathien

Local Nobodies is the union of Sulaiman's raps and Mathien's singing/production, combined to form a melodic mix of midwestern flavor from both a hip-hop and alternative rock perspective. The two use the project to vent frustrations about striving for success in music, penny pinching, two faced comrades, and a little psychopsilocybin mixed in for good measure. What results, is Local Nobodies' as One.



Released 2011
Recorded and mixed by Sulaiman

Past Perfect was a result of the creative environment Sulaiman experienced in 2011, around the time of the great Chicago resurgence of hip-hop talent that graced the world with Chance The Rapper, Chief Keef, Treated Crew and others. A thorough evaluation of evolution, Past Perfect serves as a capsule by which the steps, trials, and tribulations of an aspiring MC can be followed.

Production from  Drumma Boy, NEZ&RIO, Thelonious Martin, The Stuyvesants, Knxwledge, Nameless, Lonegevity, Constrobuz, BroadNMarket, Sa-Ra Creative Partners and Kanye West.



Released 10.22.10
Recorded and mixed by Sulaiman

Black Ribbon, Hard Work! is Sulaiman's first solo offering. 15 songs of a hungry young MC looking to stake his claim in your mind. Take from the artist's Bandcamp: A dog that barks much is never a good hunter. The secret of life is not to do what you like, but to like what you do. Something made greater by ourselves and in turn that makes us greater. I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun.

Production from  Thievery Corporation, The Twilite Tone, Hi-Tek, Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Beat Maker Beat, Constrobuz, Chaise Marcel, Nickless Castle, DR Period and more.


Wake up jams vol. 1

Released 08.31.11
Recorded and mixed by Sulaiman

Wake Up Jams is a series where Sulaiman experiments with smooth textures and strong motivation aimed at starting your day off right. Think of it like taking in a nice joint and a cup of tea with a great view of nature in your backyard. Cozy jams for all to enjoy. This series is still ongoing, so check back consistently for new additions.

Production from Sulaiman, Yordanos, NEZ&RIO and more. 


we're just disappointed (w/ vic spencer)

Released 07.20.10
Recorded and mixed by Sulaiman, Kenautis Smith, Nick Castle

The initial collaborative effort from Sulaiman and Vic Spencer. The project is a lyrical embodiment of the frustration stemming from two outliers navigating a realm of scene hoes, wack rappers, janky promoters, anonymous blog commenters, and all-around bitchassness. They’ve seen what the status quo has to offer, and frankly, they’re Just Disappointed. 

Production from M. Stacks, Black Spade, Statik Selektah, Constrobuz, NAMELESS, Nez & Rio, Maja 7th, Beat Maker Beat, and features from Naledge of Kidz In The Hall, Simeon of The Primeridian, Alex P. Keaton, D2G, Yung Word Mann, and Gzus Piece. 


we're still disappointed (w/ vic spencer)

Released 03.21.2013
Recorded and mixed by MixedByDC

Sulaiman and Vic Spencer return with their sophomore effort as a duo, still disappointed with the representation of Chicago's new creative class. They drop off 14 hot tracks of lyrical skill and peak flows to share their views on the status of the world around them. Slightly less perturbed than before, these two are Still Disappointed.

Production from O Bonjour, Thelonious Martin, Black Spade, IKAZ, M Stacks, and Deka Derse.


THE RAINLIFE SAGA (w/ vic spencer)

Released 08.30.12
Recorded and mixed by Sulaiman, MixedByDC

During the creation of the first installment of the Disappointed series, Sulaiman & Vic Spencer embark on a 4-song spinoff dedicated to H2O. Production from The Neptunes, M-1, Brian Alexander Morgan and O Bonjour.


singles and features


Loose Sulaiman releases and features with the likes of Freddie Gibbs, Mac Miller, Meechy Darko (Flatbush Zombies), Chris Crack, Da$h, Retch, Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Gzus Piece and more.